Married in 1994, Tim and Angela are now empty nesters with three adult children all out of college, all on their own and all working. With decades of experience in running a home and family, as well as construction, design and real estate investments, Tim and Angela are perfectly suited to help their clients achieve their dreams whether it be a home construction project or design.

Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.
- Frank Tyger


The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. I take a whole house approach when designing, even if one room at a time. Seeing the house flow from one room to the next with aesthetically pleasing and “timeless finishes” is always my goal.

My experience and resources will enable you to create the feel and comfort you’ve dreamt for you and your family.

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Entrepreneur, general contractor, real estate investor, father and husband. Tim has worked for decades perfecting the skills of residential construction and real estate investing.

Who is your “owner advocate”? Too many times, we have seen an us against them mentality.

Tim’s approach to consulting is on a “Strategic Partnership” basis. All working towards the same goal to achieve all of the following; Time Savings, Money Savings and Frustration Savings.

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