Where to Start on your Remodel?

Here’s a story about Jeff and Susan. Susan reached out to us one spring afternoon. The call was a wonderful project they’d been working on over the past 8 months. They have all the architectural plans, structural engineering and all are RTI (ready to issue for permitting). Exciting time for them to start their dream home project and exciting time for us to bid on a large whole house remodel and 850 square foot addition.

Ok, that was exciting. But now comes the difficulty. Let us tell you what happened here with Jeff and Susan, and actually with many, many other clients.

After exhaustive planning by Jeff and Susan and their architect, tens of thousands of dollars spent, months and years of waiting for the city planning department to approve the project; then after weeks and weeks of obtaining multiple bids from General Contractors and those contractors spending countless hours perfecting their bids, here’s what occurred.

Jeff and Susan were excited for the meeting with us in their home to discuss the final bid amount. They already stated they liked our company the best and hoped for a decent enough pricing to get started on their dream home project. When we revealed our very best price of $350,000 their jaws dropped. Why? How could this have happened? Yes its a lot of money, but hadn’t someone prepared them for this?

They went on to say that we are the third contractor who is presenting in this range of $350k and their budget is now and always was $200,000! How could this be I ask, didn’t your early planners discuss budget with you?

Turns out, no. This is a situation we have seen all too many times. It’s so frustrating for everyone and it is now the main reason Tim and Angela have created their Consulting business.

The real problem is a lack of coordination for the project as a whole. Architecture, engineering, city planning, construction, design and most of all, budgeting.

Who is looking after the whole project? Who is the “Owners Advocate”?

This is why homeowners are now calling TRC Consulting first. We offer an “Owners Advocate” process of reviewing all the plans, construction, design and budgeting up front. Tim and Angela have the experience and expertise to both streamline the process and save clients thousands of dollars and tons of frustrations. Call us today for construction services in Arcadia and Pasadena.

Tim and Angela Ryan

Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan

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